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The Faculty Assembly of William & Mary is an elected, representative body of the College faculty that regularly advises the President and the Provost on matters affecting the welfare of the university. The Faculty Assembly is composed of 20 faculty members representing seven constituencies: Arts & Sciences -- (1) Humanities, (2) Social Sciences, (3) Natural Sciences and the professional schools -- (4) Business, (5) Education, (6) Law and (7) Marine Science.Faculty Assembly Website

The Presidents of the Faculty Assembly

John R. Thelin 1990-1991

John J. McGlennon 1991-1992

Evon P. Ruzecki 1992-1993

Robert E. Welsh 1993-1994

Lynda L. Butler 1994-1995

George T. Rublein 1995-1996

James E. Moliterno 1996-1997

Donald J. Baxter 1997-1998

George M. Bass, Jr. 1998-1999

David J. Lutzer 1999-2000

Eilliam E. O'Connell, Jr. 2000-2001

Colleen S. Kennedy 2001-2002

Robert B. Archibald 2002-2003

Ronald H. Rosenberg 2003-2004

Christopher J. Abeit 2004-2005

James W. Beers 2005-2006

Katherine Kulick 2006-2007

Alan Meese, 2007-2008

Tom White, Mason School of Business, 2008-2009

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A note about the contents of this site

This website contains the best available information from known sources at the time it was written. Unfortunately, many of the early original records of William & Mary were destroyed by fires, military occupation, and the normal effects of time. The information in this website is not complete, and it changes as we continue to research and uncover new sources.