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The Forum of William & Mary took a concrete form in the Spring of 1989 with two meetings and a reception. This effort was revived in 1991, and the Black Faculty and Staff Forum (as it was then known) quickly became a recognized vehicle for advancing the interests of the Black community at the College in the 1991-92 academic year. The Forum organized itself formally with bylaws and duly elected officers in the Fall of 1992. The purpose of the Forum is to:

  • promote the recruitment and retention, promotion and tenure, and professional development and career advancement of a diverse faculty, administrators, and staff at the College;
  • address issues of concerns to the campus community, including campus climate;
  • provide support for recruitment and retention a diverse student body;
  • expand and strengthen the relationship and involvement of faculty and staff of the College with the wider College community.
  • foster a greater sense of community and mutual support among the faculty, staff and students of the College through mentoring and networking.

The organization's name was changed to the Forum in 2005.1


Material in the Special Collections Research Center

The Flat Hat, William & Mary News, and Alumni Gazette:

  • Forum works for Black issues on campus WMN, 3/17/1993, pg. 1, 2.
  • Sets regular meetings FH, 3/19/1993, pg. 16.
  • Employees to get Time to attend HACE and BFSF meetings WMN, 3/24/1993, pg. 2.
  • BFSF picnic FH, 4/8/1994, pg. 18.
  • BFSF invites members of College community to picnic WMN, 4/20/1994, pg. 3.
  • Sponsers talent show WMN, 4/20/1994, pg. 6.
  • BFSF showcases college talent WMN, 3/26/1997, pg. 7 (picture).
  • Showcases area talent WMN, 5/16/1996, pg. 3 (picture).
  • Talent show raises $400 for charity WMN, 5/19/1994, pg. 3 (picture).
  • BFSF holds membership drive WMN, 9/1/1995, pg. 3.
  • Sponsors 'Remembering the Dream' WMN, 2/7/1996, pg. 8.
  • President tells employees the tide is turning FH, WMN, 3/27/1996, pg. 1, 2 (picture).
  • Budget thaw to offer new options FH, 3/29/1996, pg. 1, 5.
  • Mentors, Advocates and Friends WMN, 12/11/1997, pg. 3 (picture).


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