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Francis Jerdone (1721-1771) was born in Jedbury, Scotland in 1721, the son of John Jerdone, a magistrate and treasurer of the town. At the age of nineteen, in 1752, he immigrated to Virginia and settled in Hanover County, Yorktown, and Louisa County. He made his living as a merchant (factor), running a mercantile business. In the 1730's, Glasgow merchants had begun sending factors to live in Virginia, buy tobacco and sell goods. Francis Jerdone (1721-1777) married Sarah (Macon) Jerdone (1732-1818) in 1753. The couple had several children including; Mary Jerdone Pottie (1754-1837); Francis Jerdone (1756-1841); Sarah Jerdone Braikenridge (1757-1793); Elizabeth Jerdone Macaulay (1759-1830); Isabella Jerdone Mitchell (1761-1825); Anne Jerdone Thompson (1763-1794); John Jerdone (1764-1786); Martha Jerdone (b. 1767) who died in infancy; and William Jerdone (1769-1772). Jerdone died in 1771.

Children of Francis Jerdone

  • Mary Jerdone Pottie(1754-1837) married George Pottie, a business partner of her father's. Mary helped run this business after her father's death in 1771. They had three children; George Pottie, Isbella Pottie and Mary Pottie Honeyman. Mary Jerdone Pottie later remarried to Adam Toler. They had several children, including; Sarah Toler, Adam Toler, Elizabeth Toler, and William Toler.
  • Francis Jerdone (1756-1841) made his living as a farmer. He married Polly (Mary) Byars Jerdone (1781-1821) in 1799. The couple had four children who survived infancy; John Jerdone (b. 1800) who married Barbara Callis Jerdone; Francis Jerdone (b. 1802) who married Eliza Watkins Jerdone; William Jerdone (1805-1865) who married Anna Burfitt Jerdone; and Sarah Jerdone Coleman (1807-1863) who married General Clayton G. Coleman. The family were absentee landowners of "Providence Forge," New Kent County and "Mount Sterling,"Charles City County. Eventually William Jerdone would reside at "Mount Sterling."
  • Sarah Jerdone Braikenridge (1757-1793) married George Braikenridge. They had five children; George Weare Braikenridge (b. 1780), Sarah Braikenridge, Maria Braikenridge, John Braikenridge, and William Braikenridge.
  • Elizabeth Jerdone Macaulay (1759-1830) married Alexander Macaulay (1745-1798) in 1782. They had six children; Helen Macaulay (b. 1784) who married Peyton Southall in 1802 and Robert Anderson in 1814; Alexander Macaulay (b. 1787); Sally Macaulay (1789)who died in infancy; John Macaulay (1791-1795); Francis Macaulay (1793-1811); and Patrick Macaulay (b. 1795).
  • Isabella Jerdone Mitchell (1761-1825) married William Mitchell (d. 1816) in 1783. They had three children; William Mitchell; Sarah Mitchell Thompson (1785-1831) who married Garland Thompson (1787-1835) in 1810; and George Mitchell.
  • Anne Jerdone Thompson (1763-1794) married Charles Thompson (1743-1836) in 1778. They had five children; John Thompson; Garland Thompson (1787-1835) who married Sarah Mitchell Thompson in 1810; Charles Thompson; Francis Thompson; and Sally Thompson.
  • John Jerdone (1764-1786) spent nine years studying abroad from 1777 until his death in 1786. He studied in England for three years and studied medicine at Edinburgh University in Scotland for six years.

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