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The Pamela Harriman Foreign Service Fellowships are awarded each year to three undergraduate students from across the country in positions with the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC, and the U.S. Embassies in London and Paris. The fellowship was created to inspire young people to pursue careers in public service. The award was named for Pamela Harriman, United States Ambassador to France who passed away in 1997. Harriman was also a member of the Board of Visitors at William & Mary and was the keynote speaker and honorary degree recipient at Charter Day in 1996.


2000 - Rachel Ziemba, from the University of Chicago; Akash Desai, from the University of Rochester; Derek Smith, from Harvard University

2001 - Stephanie Molnar, from Seton Hall University; Jennifer Shaloff, from the University of Maryland; Elizabeth Grimm, from the College of William & Mary

2002 - Carlos Ramos-Mrosovsky, from Princeton University; Adam S. Rein, from Yale University; Katherine Linder, from Princeton University

2003 - Phyllis Maloney, from Harvard University; Jonathan Bolls, from the College of William & Mary; Laurie Ball, from Duke University

2004 - Lauren C. Manners, from Oklahoma State University; Emily A. Godfrey, a sophomore at Stanford University

2005 - David Peloquin, from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota; Joshua Boehm, from Yale University; Allison Biggs, from the College of William & Mary

2006 - Kelly McClure, from Boston College; Emiliano Reyes, from Fordham University; Jared Bennici, from the College of the Holy Cross

2007 - Michelle E. Zapiain, from Florida International University; Zachary Schechter-Steinberg, from Wesleyan University; Sandra M. Scoseria-Katz, from Princeton University

2008 - James Nadel, from Tufts University; Andrew Blasi, from the College of William & Mary; Matthew McGrath, from Vanderbilt University

2009 - Margaret Looney, from Louisiana State University; Ayisha Arshad, from Temple University

2010 - Anne Buckle, from University of Tennessee-Knoxville; Lindsay Hislop, from University of California-Santa Barbara; Christopher Alvarez, from Stanford University; Robert Kevin Thomson, from San Jose State University; Benjamin Feibleman, from Columbia University; Celine Cutter, from University of California-Berkeley

Materials in the Special Collections Research Center

  • University Archives Subject File Collection under Awards and Scholarships--Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship.
  • Awards and Scholarships Collection
  • University Archives Audiovisual Collection contains several videotapes about Pamela Harriman, including footage of the fellowship announcement.

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  • Awards and Scholarships--Harriman Foreign Service Fellowship, University Archives Subject File Collection, Special Collections Research Center, Earl Gregg Swem Library, William & Mary.
  • Current Recipients


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