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Samuel K. Thompson was born circa 1846 in Ohio and died July 7, 1880. He lived and owned 160 acres in Kansas at the time of his death. Thompson was at one time married to Alice L. Thompson, but they were divorced before his passing. He had two daughters: Mary Louise Thompson, November 1873-May 14, 1884, and Alice Belle Thompson.

Military Record

Private in 3rd Kansas Cavalry, May, 1861. Transferred to 5th Kansas, Cavalry, 1862. Second Lieutenant 54th U. S. Colored Troops, May 1863. First Lieutenant 54th U. S. Colored Troops, July 1864. Active in Civil War in the states of Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, Cherokee and Choctaw Nations, Northern Louisiana, and Northeastern Texas. Brevet Captain and Major U. S. Volunteers, for faithful and meritorious services during the war. Second Lieutenant 39th U. S. Infantry, October 1867.

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