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Protests by students at William & Mary have included the following (note this list is incomplete):

  • Students Fees-Athletic policies
  • Beer Protests
  • 1969--Dorm-In
  • Peace Movement
  • 1980--Military Draft
  • 1992--Los Angeles Jury Verdict in the Rodney King Beating Case
  • 2003--Anti-War
  • 2008--Resignation of Gene R. Nichol
  • 2010--"Protest against Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's notice to the College that its anti-discrimination policy should not specifically protect employees discriminated against because of their "sexual orientation" or "gender identity and expression.""1

Material in the Special Collections Research Center's Collections

  • The University Archives Subject File Collection includes the following folders:

    • Student Protests
    • Student Protests--1980--Military Draft
    • Student Protests--2003 Anti-War
    • Student Protests--Beer Protests
    • Student Protests--Dorm-In (1969)
    • Student Protests--Los Angeles Jury Verdict - Rodney King (1992)
    • Student Protests--Peace Movement
    • Student Protests--Student Fees (Athletics policies)
  • The University Archives Poster Collection also includes many posters from student protests and rallies.
  • The Student Activities Collection includes material related to anti-war protests during the Vietnam War.
  • Records from the Office of the President and other administrative records during the relevant time period as well as personal papers of students, faculty, and staff. See the SCRC Collections Database for further information.
  • The Flat Hat - see the index in the SCRC for assistance.
  • Colonial Echo

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A note about the contents of this site

This website contains the best available information from known sources at the time it was written. Unfortunately, many of the early original records of William & Mary were destroyed by fires, military occupation, and the normal effects of time. The information in this website is not complete, and it changes as we continue to research and uncover new sources.