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The Thomas Jefferson Award is awarded at William & Mary's Charter Day. The award is given each year to a member of the William & Mary family for significant service through their personal activities, influence, and leadership.

Thomas Jefferson Award Recipients

1963 Dudley Woodbridge, Law
1964 William George Guy, Chemistry
1965 William S. Gooch, Athletics
1966 W. Melville Jones, English
1967 Davis Y. Paschall '32, President
1968 Vernon L. Nunn ‘25 Treasurer of William & Mary
1969 Harold L. Fowler, History
1970 Cecil McCulley, English
1971 Carl Roseberg, Fine Arts
1972 W. Warner Moss, Government
1973 J. Wilfred Lambert '27, Psychology
1974 Frank A. MacDonald ‘36, Philosophy
1975 Alfred Armstrong ‘32, Chemistry
1976 R. Wayne Kernodle, Sociology
1977 Jack D. Edwards, Government
1978 Stanley B. Williams, Psychology
1979 William F. Swindler, Law
1980 William B. Spong, Jr., Law
1981 W. Samuel Sadler ‘64, Student Affairs
1982 Frank T. Lendrim, Music
1983 Vinson H. Sutlive, Jr., Anthropology
1984 John S. Quinn, Business
1985 Robert E. Welsh, Physics
1986 Thaddeus W. Tate, Jr., History
1987 George R. Healy, History
1988 Judith Ewell, History
1989 John E. Selby, History
1990 Morton Eckhouse, Physics
1991 Cirila Djordjevic, Chemistry
1992 Edward P. Crapol, History
1993 Melvyn D. Schiavelli, Chemistry
1994 James C. Livingston, Religious Studies
1995 David J. Lutzer, Mathematics
1996 James M. Yankovich, Education
1997 John H. Willis, Jr., English
1998 Randolph A. Coleman, Chemistry
1999 Lawrence C. Becker, Philosophy
2000 Hans Christian von Baeyer, Physics
2001 John E. Donaldson, Law
2002 Clyde A. Haulman, Economics
2003 Gillian T. Cell, History
2004 Richard A. Williamson, Law
2005 James N. McCord, Jr., History
2006 Joel D. Schwartz, Charles Center
2007 Kathleen F. Slevin, Sociology
2008 David L. Holmes, Religious Studies
2009 Katherine M. Kulick, Modern Languages and Literatures
2010 Robert B. Archibald, Economics
2011 Jayne Barnard, Law School
2012 Ann Reed, English
2013 Teresa Longo, Modern Languages and Literatures
2014 Jacquelyn McLendon, English
2015 David Aday, Sociology and Community Studies
2016 Leisa Meyer, History
2017 Sharon Zuber, English and Writing Resource Center
2018 Joanne Braxton, English
2019 Silvia Tandeciarz, Modern Languages and Literatures
2020 Heather Macdonald, Geology
2021 Virginia L. McLaughlin '71, School of Education
2022 Paul Marcus, W&M Law School
2023 Ron Sims, Mason School of Business
2024 Linda Schaffner, Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences (VIMS)


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