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The William & Mary Heritage Dancers was established in 1997 as the Williamsburg Heritage Dancers at William & Mary. The William & Mary Heritage Dancers is a student group that meets regularly to learn and perform a historic style of social dancing known as English Country Dance (ECD). ECD was revived on a hobbyist level at the turn of the twentieth century, and seems to have returned to the Williamsburg area in the mid-twentieth century. The student group does both reconstructions of dances recorded in historical sources and modern dances composed in the historic style. The club also became a forum for students to compose and try out their own original English Country dances. A personal account of the group by Jenna Simpson, one of the students to reestablish the group in 2006, is available in the collection. Officers: Spring & Fall 2007 President: Jenna Simpson Vice-President: Sarah McCartney Secretary: Melissa Pocock Treasurer: Mary Wakeman-Linn Spring & Fall 2008 President: Jenna Simpson Vice-President: Kelsey Bartiss Secretary: Katrina Hudy Treasurer: Melissa Pocock (spring), Paul Matson (fall) Spring & Fall 2009 President: Jenna Simpson Vice-President: Amy Green Secretary: Sarah McCartney (spring), Katrina Hudy & Kelsey Bartiss (fall) Treasurer: Paul Matson Current information about the group is available at its website:


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This website contains the best available information from known sources at the time it was written. Unfortunately, many of the early original records of William & Mary were destroyed by fires, military occupation, and the normal effects of time. The information in this website is not complete, and it changes as we continue to research and uncover new sources.