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  • FHC

    The F.H.C. Society was founded at William & Mary on November 11, 1750, and faded away in the 1770s (after 1772). There are letters to and from St. George Tucker concerning the FHC and the secret society's members.
  • Filipino American Student Association

    The Filipino American Student Association is a student organization at William & Mary.  History Contents
  • Flight Club

    The Flight Club (1931-1935) at William & Mary is believed to be the first such club at a college. The Flight Club won the Loening Trophy in inter-collegiate flying competition in 1933 and a second prize of $100 in 1934. As of 1978, the Loening Trophy with William & Mary inscribed on it was…
  • Fraternities

    This page is a stub with more work needed. The earliest photograph of a fraternity at William & Mary in the University Archives is an image of members of Kappa Sigma from 1891. Research about Fraternities Consult the Guide for doing research related to the College of William & Mary.
  • Freedmen's Bureau

    On March 3, 1865, Congress established the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, also known as the Freedmen's Bureau. It was to function for only one year, but on July 16, 1866, Congress extended the life of the bureau over the veto of President Andrew Johnson. The Goals of the…
  • Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Chi Chapter

    The Alpha Chi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta sorority was established at William & Mary in 1932.
  • Gentlemen of the College

    The Gentlemen of the College, a men's a cappella group at William & Mary, was organized in January 1990 and formally recognized by the Office of Student Activities in November 1990. Founding members identified in a photograph taken in Fall 1990 include Doug Stambler, class of 1992, and Michael…
  • Hourly and Classified Employees Association (HACE)

    The William & Mary Hourly and Classified Employees Association (HACE) was established in the summer of 1986. The principal founders envisioned an organization through which hourly and classified employees could work toward common objectives by encouraging and supporting each other in their…
  • Hulon Willis Association

    The Hulon Willis Association (or HWA), an affinity group of the William & Mary Alumni Association, was formally established in 1992. The association was named after Hulon Willis, William & Mary's first African American student, who received in Master's degree in Education, specializing in…
  • Japanese Cultural Association

    The Japanese Cultural Association was organized as a student organization at William & Mary in 1996 with the first constitution written on February 27, 1997. The Japanese Cultural Association encourages the promotion, awareness and understanding of the Japanese culture and society at the…
  • Kappa Sigma

    Kappa Sigma was founded at the University of Virginia in 1869. William & Mary president Lyon Gardiner Tyler became a member of Kappa Sigma while at the University of Virginia. Kappa Sigma was established at the College of William & Mary in 1890 just two years after the institution had…
  • Korean American Student Association

    In 1984, the Korean American Student Association (KASA) was founded at William & Mary. It was the first Asian-American group to organize themselves. At that time, there were only 74 Asian-American students enrolled at the College. Despite their early establishment, KASA was not acknowledged in…
  • Latin American Student Union

    The Latin American Student Union (LASU) is a student group at William & Mary founded in 2009. The initiative for LASU was led by the latino members of the W&M class of 2012 mainly Jessica Chilin-Hernandez, Daisy Diaz, and Dimelza Gonzales-Flores. The group was started as a reaction to what…
  • Mortar Board

    The first women admitted to the College of William & Mary in 1918 were not permitted to join the literary societies, so they formed the Alpha Club which later became Mortar Board. All women students belonged to the Alpha Club. It served as a literary, music, and dramatic society for the women…
  • National Novel Writing Month Club

    The National Novel Writing Month Club, or "Nanowrimo Club", was founded on the campus of William & Mary in the Fall of 2008 by J.T. Fales and Rachael Tatman '12. Though not officially affiliated with the Office of Letters and Light--the non-profit organization which manages the National Novel…
  • Order of the White Jacket

    The Order of the White Jacket was established in 1972 to honor and bring together alumni who worked their way through college in the food service establishments at the College and in the surrounding community.
  • Phi Beta Kappa

    Phi Beta Kappa was founded by five students at William & Mary in 1776 at the Raleigh Tavern in Williamsburg and is the oldest honor society in the United States. The current Phi Beta Kappa Hall and the first Phi Beta Kappa Hall at William & Mary (present-day Ewell Hall were named to mark…
  • Phi Kappa Phi

    The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the nation's oldest, largest, and most selective all-discipline honor society. Phi Kappa Phi inducts annually approximately 30,000 students, faculty, professional staff, and alumni. Since its founding in 1897, more than 1 million members have been initiated.…
  • Phi Sigma Pi

    Phi Sigma Pi is a student honor fraternity at William & Mary.
  • Philomathean Literary Society

    Among the oldest records of student organizations are those from the various literary societies, of which William & Mary had several. These societies, which were popular all over the country in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, sought to train their members in public speaking by…
  • Phoenix Literary Society

    Among the oldest records of student organizations are those from the various literary societies, of which William & Mary had several. These societies, which were popular all over the country in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, sought to train their members in public speaking by…
  • Rough Ashler Club

    The Rough Ashler Club was a student organization at William & Mary in the 1920s. The organization was made up of both faculty and staff who were Freemasons. Some of the first members of the Rough Ashler Club included J.A.C. Chandler, president of William & Mary, and Kremer J.
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Club

    The Science Fiction and Fantasy Club at William & Mary, affectionately known as "Skiffy", was founded in the mid 1970's 1. Club activities include weekly meetings, video screenings, an annual production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, board gaming days, dart gun fights, "having book…
  • Secret Societies

    There have been a number of secret societies at William & Mary during its history. Groups believed to be currently active on campus include the FHC Society, 7 Society, Bishop James Madison Society, Thirteen, W Society, Wren Society, Alphas, Live Oak Society, Zodiac Society, and others.
  • Sinfonicron Light Opera Company

    Known as the Williamsburg area's premiere Gilbert and Sullivan company, William & Mary's Sinfonicron is student-run on every level of production, from set design and construction, to direction, costuming and administration. Members come from William & Mary's three music fraternities, Delta…

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