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The list of past faculty, which originally appeared here, was removed due to both the number of errors and the difficulty and challenges in maintaining an accurate and updated list.

Faculty names can be found by using the following sources:

Those interested in material published by members of the faculty should consult Swem Library's online catalog and journal databases as well as Special Collections.

Number of Faculty

  • 1831-1833: 7
  • 1834-1837: 6
  • 1838: 8
  • 1839-1842: 5
  • 1842-1847: 4
  • 1848-1849: 5
  • 1850-1851: 6
  • 1852-1855: 7
  • 1856-1861: 6
  • 1974: 391 (from 1974 Self-Study)

Fall 1974:

  • Alphabetic Faculty Fall 1974, 1/03/75: Aceto-112, conner-108, garner-108, kerner-108, neiman-108, shepherd-108, wheeler-30; Total-682 (from the Office of Institutional Research records)
  • Alpha F,A,L,S,E 4/75: Aceto-105, Diduk-105, Jensen-105, Palmaz-105, Thomas-58, Total-478 (from the Office of Institutional Research records)
  • Alpha F,A,L,S,E 1/75: Aceto-112, Conner-108, Garner-108, Kerner-108, Neiman-108, Shepherd-108, Wheeler-30, Total- 682 (from the Office of Institutional Research records)


  • Number of faculty from 1831-1861 from The American Almanac and Repository of Useful Knowledge for the Year 1831, Boston: Gray and Bowen, 1830. AY 54 A5 (1831-1861).

Faculty and Staff

100 Pages
  • James A. Bill

    James A. Bill received his B.A. at Assumption College and his M.A. from Penn State University in 1965. He received his doctorate from Princeton University in 1968 and went on to teach at the University of Texas in 1968. He taught comparative politics and specialized in Middle Eastern Studies. He…
  • James C. Livingston

    James C. Livingston was a faculty member in Religious Studies and administration at William & Mary from 1968 until his retirement in 1998. Obituary Announcement From a Faculty and Staff Announcement Email from Provost Michael Halleran on August 1, 2011: "Dear William & Mary Community: I…
  • James M. Yankovich

    James M. Yankovich was a Past Faculty member at William & Mary Obituary Announcement From a Faculty and Staff Announcement Email from Provost Michael Halleran on May 25, 2011: "Dear William & Mary Community, With deep sadness, I write to inform you that Dr. James M. Yankovich passed away on…
  • James Madison (1749-1812)

    The Right Reverend James Madison (1749 - 1812) was the first bishop of the Diocese of Virginia of the Episcopal Church, USA. He was also a student (1770-1772) "Provisional List of Alumni", professor of philosophy (1772-1775), and president (1777-1812) of William & Mary.
  • James McClurg (1726-1823)

    Dr. James McClurg was the first Chair of Anatomy and Medicine at William & Mary, serving from 1779 to 1784, when he left to go into private practice. He attended William and Mary in 1762 and went on to attended the University of Edinburgh, graduating with a degree in medicine in 1770.
  • James N. McCord, Jr.

    James N. McCord, Jr. joined the Department of History at William & Mary in the 1960's and retired in 2005. He received the Thomas Jefferson Award in recognition of his contributions to the college and Williamsburg communities, including organizing First Night activities and arranging a weekly…
  • James P. Whittenburg

    James P. Whittenburg joined the Department of History at William & Mary in 1977. "Jim Whittenburg received his PhD from the University of Georgia in 1974. He specializes in colonial America, early national history, and quantitative methods."Whittenburg's Faculty Page on the College's Website…
  • Jess Hamilton Jackson

    Jess Hamilton Jackson was a professor in the Department of English at William & Mary, starting in 1929. He received both his A.B. and A.M. degrees at the University of Alabama, near his birthplace of Birmingham Alabama. He briefly taught at a boys' school, but left to work at an underwear mill…
  • John E. Selby

    John E. Selby was a William & Mary faculty member in the Department of History. His appointments: Lecturer, 1963-1966; Associate Professor, 1966-1970; Professor, 1970-1987; William E. Pullen Professor of History, 1987-1999; William E. Pullen Professor of History, Emeritus, 1999-2001; Acting…
  • John Garland Pollard

    In 1930, John Garland Pollard, a popular professor at William & Mary was elected governor of the commonwealth of Virginia. A progressive Democrat interested in reform, his administration as governor was marred by dealing with the country's worst economic crisis. From King and Queen County, Va.…
  • John H. Willis

    John H. Willis, also know as Jack, was a professor of English at William & Mary from 1964 until 2002, and chair of the Department of English from 1985 - 1990. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Virginia and his graduate degree from Columbia. He worked in a number of…
  • John Millington

    John Millington was appointed a professor at William & Mary in 1836. Millington Hall at the College of William & Mary is named in his honor.
  • John W. Conlee

    John W. Conlee is a professor of English at William & Mary, and chair of the Department of English from 1982 - 1985, and again from 1990 - 1992. He joined the faculty in 1968 as Assistant Professor. After receiving his A.B. at the University of Southern California, he got both his M.A. and Ph.D…
  • Joshua Fry

    Joshua Fry was Master of the Grammar School and then Professor of Natural Philosophy and Mathematics at William & Mary from 1729 until about 1737. He and Peter Jefferson (the father of Thomas Jefferson) were commissioned to make a map of Virginia, which was completed in 1751. Fry was appointed…
  • Judith Ewell

    Judith Ewell joined the Department of History at William & Mary in 1971 and received her Ph.D. from the University of New Mexico in 1972. She served as Assistant Professor from 1971-1977; Associate Professor from 1977-1984; Professor from 1984-1988; and as the first Newton Family Professor from…
  • Kenneth F. Bick

    Kenneth F. Bick was a Past Faculty member of the Geology Department at William & Mary. Obituary Announcement From a Faculty and Staff Announcement Email from Provost Michael Halleran on February 26, 2013: Dear Colleagues,
  • Kim E. Wheatley

    Kim E. Wheatley has been a professor of English at William & Mary since 1992, and was associate chair of the Department of English from 2003-2006. Her scholarly interests include "The Romantics (especially Shelley and his circle), Romantic-era periodicals". She received her B.A. at Cambridge…
  • Kremer Jacob Hoke

    William & Mary Interim President: Kremer J. HokeTerm Served: Summer 1933 - Fall 1933; January 1934 - June 30, 1934Preceded by: Julian Alvin Carroll Chandler 1919 - 1934
  • Lawrence B. Pulley

    Lawrence B. Pulley is dean and T.C. and Elizabeth Clarke professor of the School of Business at William & Mary. A 1974 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of William & Mary, Pulley received his Ph.D. in economics from the University of Virginia. Before returning to his undergraduate alma mater as a…
  • Lee Rawls

    Lee Rawls was a faculty member at William & Mary in the Department of Government. Obituary Announcement From a Faculty and Staff Announcement Email from Provost Michael Halleran on December 21, 2010: "Dear Friends:
  • Leisa D. Meyer

    Leisa D. Meyer is a professor in the Department of History at William & Mary. In addition to director of the Department of History, she has also twice served as chair of the Women's Studies Program.
  • Leslie Cheek

    Leslie Cheek was born in Nashville, TN in 1908. He studied art at Harvard University and architecture at Yale and Columbia. He headed the department of fine arts at William & Mary 1937-39, where he was instrumental in getting an honorary award given to Georgia O'Keeffe by the college in 1938…
  • Louis E. Catron

    Louis E. Catron was a professor of Theatre and Speech at William & Mary from 1966-2002 and Director of the William & Mary Theatre. He held a Ph.D. from Southern Illinois University, and was the author of several plays and books on playwriting. Obituary Announcement From a Faculty and Staff…
  • Louis Hue Girardin

    Louis Hue Girardin was appointed professor to teach Modern Languages, Geography, and Civil History at William & Mary in 1803. The notice in The Virginia Argus (Richmond, 12 February 1803) read: "Mr. L. H. Girardin is appointed, in this College, Teacher of the Modern Languages, and Lecturer in…
  • Mae Graham

    Mae Graham was an Assistant Professor from 1936-1942 and an Associate Professor from 1942-1946 in the Library Science program at William & Mary. She was a member of the American Library Association committee for editing a new edition of "1000 Books for the Senior High School Library" from…

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