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Concerts have regularly been held at William & Mary in various buildings as well as outdoors. Organizations such as the Choir, Wind Ensemble, and other similar groups have regular concerts throughout the year, while national and regional touring acts perform on campus at various times throughout the year. Special events during the year including Homecoming and Charter Day were reasons for regular concerts at the university in years past.

Campus locations for concerts have included William & Mary Hall, Lake Matoaka, Sadler Center, Player's Dell, Blow Hall, and Phi Beta Kappa Hall.

Sadler Center

  • Aaron Carter, March 17, 2013

William & Mary Hall

This is a partial list of just some of notable concerts at William & Mary Hall. Especially in the Hall's early years, there were multiple concerts throughout the year. Additional concerts can be found in the card catalog index to the Flat Hat in Swem Library's Special Collections Research Center lobby. Try the headings "William & Mary Hall" and "Concerts."

  • 1971: Sly and the Family Stone
  • 1973: Grateful Dead
  • 1974: Grateful Dead
  • 1976 Concerts, w/captions in Colonial Echo, p.42-43 Color
  • 1978 Concerts w/captions in Colonial Echo, p.294-95, BW and color; Neil Young
  • 1978 Neil Young performed at William & Mary Hall on October 7, 1978.  Stories about the concert can be found in The Flat Hat issues, October 6 and 13th.  Concert in Colonial Echo, p.186-87 Color
  • 1980 Concerts w/captions in Colonial Echo, p.286-87 BW
  • 1981 Concerts w/captions in Colonial Echo, p.194-95 BW
  • 1984 Police concert in Colonial Echo, p.108-109 BW
  • 1985 Concerts p.10-11 Color; Eddie Murphy in Colonial Echo, p.96-99 BW
  • 1986 Concerts p.8-9 in Colonial Echo, Color; **Sting in Colonial Echo, p.84-85 BW
  • 1987 The Pretenders in Colonial Echo, p.68-69 Color
  • 1989 Bruce Hornsby in Colonial Echo, p.12-13 Color
  • 1990 Pixies concert in Colonial Echo, p.74-75 BW; Chicago in Colonial Echo, p.78-79 BW
  • 1991: Tom Petty in Colonial Echo, p.146-147 BW; Neil Young
  • 1991: Neil Young and Crazy Horse performed on March 1, 1991. A picture of Neil Young in the March 15, 1991 issue of The Flat Hat (page 7)
  • 1993: Nirvana concert on November 7, 1993, in 1994 Colonial Echo, p.60-61 BW1
  • 2011: The Roots (Charter Day Concert)
  • 2012: Ben Kweller and Third Eye Blind (Charter Day Concert)

Material in the Special Collections Research Center

  • Flat Hat

    • Martha and the Vandellas, Rhinoceros to give concerts FH, 10/10/69, pg 1.
    • Review of Isaac Hayes concert FH, 10/20/72, pg 3.


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