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  • College Airport

    The College Airport was located 1 mile northwest of William & Mary at Ewell Station, part of the city airport near the present day Airport Road. Contents Chronology Material in the SCRC Chronology 1931--hangar built and used for student instruction as part of the Department of Aeronautics…
  • College Apartments

    The College Apartments are located at 112 North Boundary Street at the corner of Prince George Street and Boundary Street (the southwest intersection). William & Mary purchased two lots with buildings ("Blacksmith Lot") from Williamsburg Holding Corporation in 1930.
  • College Camp

    College Camp was a term used to describe the camp set up by the Virginia militia during the American Revolution from 1775-1781. It was located to the west of the Wren Building around what is today the Sunken Garden. A bronze plaque recognizing the College Camp is currently located on one of the…
  • College Farm

    The College Farm of William & Mary was active in the 1920s-1940s. According to a 1935 Alumni Gazette article, the farm was first organized in 1923. The farm was at the site of the present-day Phi Beta Kappa Hall, Andrews Hall, and Swem Library.
  • Commons

    The Commons, often referred to as "The Caf" by William & Mary students, is a large dining hall located at 651 Ukrop Way (formerly Campus Drive), across from the Randolph Complex. The Caf is the College's only free-standing dining facility.
  • Cove Amphitheater

    In 1957, a new amphitheater opened near Lake Matoaka called the Cove Amphitheater. The Cove was built specifically for a new theater presentation called The Founders, a production by Paul Green, which depicted the struggles of the early Jamestown settlers and the lives of John Smith, Pocahontas,…
  • Creasy House

    The Creasy House at William & Mary was located at 121 Richmond Road on the north side of the road, between Lacy Property at 111 Richmond Road and the Western Union Building at 125 Richmond Road.
  • Daily Grind

    The Daily Grind coffee house was located in one of the Lodges (old number 2) at William & Mary. Located on Gooch Drive across from the Sadler Center, the Grind offers clientele a wide selection of coffees by a local coffee roaster, tea, juice, smoothies, pastries and food
  • Davis House

    The Davis House at William & Mary is located at 110 North Boundary Street. The property contained a house and a bungalow on the Blacksmith Lot. The bungalow was probably on the site of the College Apartments, 112 N Boundary Street.
  • Deanery

    The Deanery, also known as the Steward's House (the first Steward's House was burned during the Civil War), the Rear Dormitory, and the Long House, was a two-story brick building with a castellated parapet located east of Trinkle Hall at William & Mary.
  • Delta Gamma House

    The Delta Gamma House at William & Mary was also known as Graham House #2 and the George H Graham House. It was located at 129 Richmond Road. In 1927, it was purchased by the Williamsburg Holding from W.A.R. Goodwin.
  • Dillard Complex

    The Dillard Complex, also known as James Blair Terrace, is located approximately three miles from the main campus of William & Mary on Ironbound Road. The Complex was formerly part of Eastern State Hospital.
  • Dining Hall

    The Dining Hall, which opened for the fall session of 1914, was located behind the Ewell and Taliaferro dormitories. In 1913, the state legislature asked for an appropriation of $14,700 for a new dining hall to accommodate 240 students with new kitchen equipment that cooked by steam.
  • DuPont Hall

    Dupont Hall front, circa 1966 Year built: 1963-1966 Opened: 1966 Named for: Jessie Ball DuPont
  • Ewell Hall

    Ewell Hall Construction: 1925-1926 Opened: 1926 as Phi Beta Kappa Hall Renovations & Additions: Various (see entry) Fire: 1953
  • Ewell Hall Dormitory

    Ewell Hall Dormitory Acquired by the College: 1859 Previous Names: College Hotel, Named for: Benjamin S. Ewell
  • Faison Property

    The Faison Property at William & Mary is located at 404 Jamestown Road. In 1989 the university began using the house as the Office for Auxiliary Services. In 2007 it became the home of the Student Assembly and Commuter Student House.
  • Fraternity Complex

    The 2013 Fraternity Complex is a 187 bed complex consisting of ten 17 bed fraternity houses and a community building. Built in 2012-2013 and opened for residents in Fall 2013, this complex is located across the street from William and Mary Hall bracketing the Green and Gold Village.
  • Graduate House

    The Graduate House was located at 234 Jamestown Road. The house was demolished on May 20-21, 2013. The four bedroom, 3 bath house was built in 1913. On July 15, 1932, William & Mary acquired the house by a purchase and exchange of $7,875 plus College Terrace lots 36 and 37, then valued at $2,…
  • Grammar School

    The Grammar School of William & Mary opened in 1694, shortly after James Blair obtained the College's Royal Charter. It continued into the late nineteenth century, with many stops and starts. Governor Thomas Jefferson's education reforms in Virginia closed the school in 1779. It reopened in…
  • Greenhouse

    The Greenhouse at William & Mary was located north of the Wren Building and west of the President's House garage. It was built in the early 1900s and was 15' x 24' in size with a glass roof.
  • Gymnasium

    Old Gym, circa 1916 Year built 1900 Opened: November 1900 Renamed: Citizenship Hall in 1922 Demolished: 1931
  • Hamilton House

    Hamilton House Acquired by the College: 1931, 1935 Previous names: Quadrangle Lot, J.T. Baldwin Memorial GardenMap it for me
  • Hicks Property

    The Hicks Property at William & Mary was located on the north side of Richmond road, formerly 127 Richmond Road, and was the next house west of the Western Union Building.
  • Hoke House

    Hoke House Constructed: June 1920-March 1924 Purchased: 1975 Named for: Agnes P. and G. Bland Hoke

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