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  • Holmes House

    Holmes House circa 1985 Constructed: circa 1921 Purchased: 1977 Named for: David G.F. Holmes
  • Hospitality House

    On March 22, 2013, William & Mary President Taylor Reveley announced the university would acquire the Hospitality House, a hotel located across Richmond Road from Zable Stadium, for student housing and other potential uses.
  • Ice Cream Parlor

    Ice Cream Parlor Constructed: circa 1905-1910 Acquired by the College: 1973 Renovated: 1976 Demolished: 1978
  • Indian School

    English colonists in Virginia developed plans to establish an Indian School on the Virginia peninsula as early as 1618. Before the school could be established, a raid led by Chief Opechancanough in March 1622 killed over one third of the colony's population.
  • Infirmaries

    There have been multiple Infirmaries at William & Mary including the present-day Hunt Hall and the Student Health Center. Contents
  • Integrated Science Center

    The Integrated Science Center is located at 540 Landrum Drive. Also known as ISC, the $54.3 million facility - $12 million of came from private funds - integrates the College's science programs, allowing faculty and students in biology, chemistry and psychology to enjoy increased opportunities for…
  • James Blair Hall

    Marshall-Wythe Hall, circa 1936 Constructed: 1934-1935 Opened: 1935 as Marshall-Wythe Hall Renamed James Blair Hall: 1968
  • Jamestown Residences

    Jamestown Residences Constructed: 2004-2006
  • Jefferson Hall

    Jefferson Hall at William & Mary is located at 231 Jamestown Road on Old Campus. It measures 200 feet long by 41 feet wide and it currently functions as a co-ed dormitory for undergraduate upperclassmen. It was named for alumnus Thomas Jefferson.  Contents
  • Jimmye Laycock Football Center

    Jimmye Laycock Football Center Constructed: 2006-2008 Opened: 2008
  • Jones Hall

    Jones Hall Constructed: 1968-1969 Opened: 1969 Named for: Professor Hugh Jones
  • Joseph W. Montgomery Strength Training Center

    "Designed by strength and conditioning coach John Sauer in 1995, the Joseph W. Montgomery Strength Training Center is located in the lower level of William & Mary Hall. This 5,000-square foot facility contains 12,000 pounds of free weights, 5,000 pounds of dumbbells and 3,200 pounds of rubber…
  • Kaplan Arena

    Kaplan Arena Constructed: 1969-1971 Dedication: Charter Day and Parents Day weekend, February 1971
  • Kappa Kappa Gamma House

    Kappa Kappa Gamma House Acquired by the College: 1926 Previous Names: Alpha Chi Omega House (1927-1929)
  • Lambert House

    Lambert House ca. 2010 Constructed: ca. 1921 Acquired by the College: 1933
  • Landrum Hall

    Landrum Hall Constructed: 1957 Named for: Grace Warren Landrum Dedicated: February 9, 1959
  • Laundry and Warehouse

    Laundry and Warehouse Constructed: 1929-1930 Discontinued service: 1974Map it for me Note: Location on map is approximate.
  • Library

    The Library of the College of William & Mary is almost as old as the College itself. More information about each of the buildings in which the library has lived can be found on their respective pages. Library, 1693-1909 For more information about the 18th Century library, see Books Owned by the…
  • Lodges

    Lodges, 1957 Constructed: 1947-1948
  • Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre at Lake Matoaka

    Martha Wren Briggs Amphitheatre at Lake Matoaka Constructed: 1946-1947 Renovations: 2006 Other names: Common Glory Stage, Amphitheater, Lake Matoaka Amphitheatre
  • Martin Family Stadium

    Martin Family Stadium at William & Mary was dedicated in the spring of 2011. The new stadium was named in honor of Eff and Patty Martin, and their children, Andrew, Christine and Julia '09. It is a 1,000-seat pavilion, which features a state-of-the-art press box, filming positions and restroom…
  • Matoaka Theatre

    Matoaka Theatre Constructed: 1934 Dedication: October 20, 1934
  • Matthew Whaley School

    The Matthew Whaley School or Matty Whaley School is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Overview Matthew (Mattey) Whaley, the only son of James and Mary Page Whaley was born in 1696 in Williamsburg. He attended the small grammar school his mother had in the family's back yard. Young Mattey died at…
  • McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center

    McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center Constructed: 1995 Named for: Mark H. McCormack and Betsy Nagelsen
  • McGlothlin-Street Hall

    McGlothlin-Street Hall Constructed: 1990s Dedication: October 27, 1995 Previous names: Tercentenary Hall

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